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Water Pump

Grundfos MQ Self-Priming Booster Water Pumps

Grundfos Home Water Booster Pump CM5-4PM1

RM 2,280.00Add to CartRM 2,380.00Add to Cart  

TPS,TPV Series

SD/SS/SR Series

PW Series

MH Series

CVF Series

Centrifugal Pump


Centrifugal Pump Two Impellers


Clean Water Pump


Hydro Booster System Type UE-Pro

Submersible Effluent / Waste Pump Type DVS


2''Centrifugal Electric 3HP High Valume Water Pump

RM 880.00Add to Cart   

ESPA Prisma 35,45 Multi-Stage Centrif Pump

ESPA Prisma 15,25


Japan ShinMaywa Submersible Fish Pond Pump

RM 550.00Add to Cart   

Home Water Pressure Booster Pump(Stainless Steel)

AR Water Pump Press Control Switch (PC)

RM 930.00Add to CartRM 299.00Add to Cart  

Japan Koi(ikan) ponds water Submersible Pump

RM 430.00Add to Cart   





Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps (SS&SF Series)

Pond Residential Sump Pump

Others Series

Large Volume Submersible Pumps (L Series)

Tsunami HPC8130, HPC12100 / HPC14130

Tsunami HPC6100

Tsunami HPC6180 / HPC7150

Italy AR610 Annovi Blue High Pressure Cleaner

RM 1,399.00Add to Cart

Hisaki Water Pump

Hisaki Generator & Water Pump


HMB, HNIB Series


125W Super Jet Automatic Home Water Pump

Grundfos Booster Water Pump Done with Installation

Grundfos Home Booster Water Pressure Pump CM5-4PT

125W Super Jet Automatic Home Air Water Pump

RM 380.00Add to CartRM 2,400.00Add to CartRM 2,850.00Add to CartRM 380.00Add to Cart

TERA TAJ100L(1.0HP) Electric Water Pump

AR Peripheral Water Pump PKm60

RM 380.00Add to CartRM 185.00Add to Cart  

Tsurumi Submersible Pond Landscape Water Pump

RM 930.00Add to Cart   

Korea 8.5mmx100m High Pressure Power Sprayer Hose

RM 480.00Add to Cart   

Grundfos 1.5HP Wave Swimming Pool Water Pump

Grundfos 2.0HP Wave Swimming Pool Water Pump

Grundfos 1.0HP Wave Swimming Pool Water Pump

RM 1,850.00Add to CartRM 1,980.00Add to CartRM 1,780.00Add to Cart 

Toda Automatic Water Pump Series


Clean Water Submersible Pump (TOB Series)

Automatic Silent Booster Pump (SOFT Series)

Swimming Pool Self-Priming Pump (SCPB Series)

Submersible Utility & Drainage Pump (OGA Series)

Grundfos 1.0HP Booster Water Pressure Pump CM5-4PT

Hitachi 300W Auto Deep Well Water Pressure Pump

Grundfos Water Booster Presure Pump CM3-5PM1

Auto Deep Well Submersible Water Pump

RM 2,850.00Add to CartRM 1,280.00Add to CartRM 1,880.00Add to CartRM 1,499.00Add to Cart

XZDB Series

Oil Pump


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