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9''x35'' Kitchen Clean Water Outdoor Sand Filter

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9''x35'' Kitchen Clean Water Outdoor Sand Filter  Outdoor Filter Water Filter
RM 280.00
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Gen Air 9'' x 35'' FRP Outdoor Water Filter..

Research shows that water can deliver nutrient, keep body temperature, promotes health, but it not mean that's enough by just drinking water.

Gen Air water filtration system using the latest filtration technology which includes many features that can filter suspended solid in the water, separates water into small molecule for easier absorption and helps to remove waste from body.

Gen Air water filtration system provide you with clean and safety water into your house, from cleaning to cooking, it promotes you and your family a hygienic and healthy home.

  • No electricity required
  • Ideal for domestic / industrial / restaurant use
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Space saving
  • Economical and convenience
  • Low maintenance fees
  • Multi stage filtration
  • Reverse back wash system
  • Extend the life span of various water utensil and water heaters
  • Pressure gauge include
  • Food grade poly glass inner shell

5-Stage of filtration system:

1.) Coarse Gravel - Underbed support , to balance the PH and increase oxygen content and restoration of water quality.
2.) Fine Sand - Further trapping of very fine sediment at the surface of fine silica sand.
3.) Fine Gravel - Removes dirt and prevent diseases such as Typhoid, Cholera, Bihdryia and Amoeba.
4.) Zeolite (Australia) - It is a naturally occurring mineral rock, formed when mineral-rich underground water deposits crystallize. Its porous crystalline structure provides advanced filtration properties and processes a unique capacity to absorb ammonia an various ionic species (metal ions, calcium, magnesium etc).
5.) Anthracite (Holland / Australia) - While trapping the sediments, being the primary function of the carbon, it leaves 10% to 25% the chlorine in the water to give bacteria-static benefit to the water in the water tank.

  • Model: FRB 0935
  • Valve size: 1'' or 3/4''
  • Total height: 40'' (1000mm)
  • Tank height: 35'' (875mm)
  • Tank diameter: 9'' (225mm)
  • Media capacity: 28kg
  • Overall weight: 34kg
  • Min working pressure: 25psi
  • Max working pressure: 125psi
  • Flow rate: 33L/min
  • Warranty 10 years on body only.
  • All other parts warranty 1 years.
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